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5 Best Samsung Phone Flashing Dongles Box Tools in 2021 [Paid Softwares]

You will find specific softwares for servicing or fixing Samsung phones. The official Samsung flash tool called Odin is too complex but with some third-party programs, you can always flash, repair, unlock, or do many more in your Samsung phone.

5 Best Samsung Phone Flashing Dongles Box Tools in 2021 [Paid Softwares]

Aside from the official flashing applications that are limited to simply flashing your device’s stock firmware or custom ROMs. Also, there are lots of third-party repair toolboxes or dongles with software available to conduct plenty of functions or repairs on Samsung devices.

These Best Samsung Phone Flashing Dongles Box Tools are numerous.

So, how do you select the best and most dependable instrument for flashing Samsung mobiles?

Prior to going on, allow me to remind you that I’ve been using and do use a lot of softwares and tools for flashing Samsung apparatus.

Well, these Samsung flash tools or boxes/dongles are not only limited to flashing stock ROMs into your Samsung apparatus, but there can also perform a whole lot more advanced functions.

Here are the cool service operations you can do with some of the professional tools for flashing Samsung devices:

  • Read Codes
  • Repair IMEI
  • SW Change
  • Unlock
  • Device Information
  • Firmware Compatibility
  • Get Info
  • Knoxguard Unlock
  • MSL Unlock
  • Network repair
  • Patch Certificate
  • Read Cert
  • See Codes Online
  • Repair Device Root Key
  • Repair EFS
  • Publish
  • Reset Reactivation Lock
  • Reset Screen Lock
  • Restore / Store backup
  • Rmm Unlock
  • Root/Unroot
  • Set SIM Count
  • Read SPC/MSL
  • Write Cert
  • Unlock Online
  • Reset FRP/Reactivation Lock
  • Reset FRP/Reactivation Lock — UFS
  • Carrier Relock
  • Read Codes Online
  • Unlock Wipe
  • Reset EE Lock
  • Reset FRP Lock
  • Download Samsung flash files and much more.

Best Samsung Phone Flashing Dongles Box Tools |Box/Dongles & Softwares

So, of all the Samsung flashing or servicing tools, that’s the very best? That is where I fit in just like a basketball passing through the backboard.

Finest Flashing Softwares or Applications for Samsung Phones|Box/Dongles & Softwares

Octoplus Tool/Box

Best Samsung Phone Flashing Dongles Box Tools
Octoplus Box is a very popular multi-brand tool which allows you to perform unlock, flash and repair operations on various mobile phones like LG and Samsung. It comes with a vast range of service operations for most of existing LG, Huawei & Samsung mobile phones, has a multilingual applications interface, and lots of additional purposes, available for various mobile operating systems.

Apart from being one of the best Samsung flashing tools for professionals/service centers, it’s widely known that it’s powerful FRP Tool(Octopls FRP Tool) for eliminating FRP on a wide range of smartphones with one click and its strong JTAG/EMMC capacities for mending exceptionally bricked devices.

Octoplus Box supports a broad selection of Samsung devices from the older to new ones. It’s a Pro model which adds more powerful features.

It is possible to buy Octoplus Box/Dongle from their official website or from GSMSERVER website.


Below are other alternatives to Octopus Tool/Dongle for Samsung-related software servicing operations.


Chimera Tool

Best Samsung Phone Flashing Dongles Box Tools

Thus, what’s Chimera, and exactly what makes it so good for servicing Samsung mobiles?

Chimera Tool is a professional smartphone servicing tool which supports a vast range of devices such as MTK, Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, and Xiaomi. It comes as the most favored Samsung phone servicing tool on our list.

Chimera is easy to use with updated documentation/guides, professional support, has a lot of features, and encourages a vast assortment of versions.

Chimera Tool supports a wide selection of Samsung phones(about 2500) from the oldest to the latest Samsung smartphones released.

If you’d like to check the Samsung models supported by Chimera Tool, click here.

Just like most other tools for flashing Samsung mobiles on this listing, you only have to buy the Chimera tool dongle or Authenticator and connect it to your PC.

If you want to find out more and get assistance with the Chimera tool, then you can get in touch with Chimera Tool service page.

Chimera Tool is always updated to support newer models of mobiles with its strong software.

If you would like to buy or understand the price of Chimera Tool, buy it at a manageable rate at the GSMSERVER website.

Just like Octoplus, Chimera has very great in encouraging newer models of Samsung tablets.


UAT – Uni-Android Tool

UAT is one of the best-flashing software or tools for Samsung phones.

UAT-Ultimate Android Tool Ultimate Sams allows various operations on Samsung devices like flashing, unlocking, reset FRP, read/write/reset EFS, read/write/wipe Security, read/write QCN, empower all languages, factory reset, compose cert, repair IMEI, etc.

Contrary to other professional Samsung flashing tools that demand a physical hardware device like a dongle or box, UAT requires no ship, no dongle, no pressure of any hardware damage or some other driver installations, waiting for any shipping or any stock availability, you merely need to download the software, register and purchase activation/license.

UAT includes a major module and an FRP module also for FRP reset surgeries on Android devices.

It is possible to check the Uni-Android Tool official forum and purchase it from their official GSMSERVER website for global delivery.

Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Box

Best Samsung Phone Flashing Dongles Box Tools
Z3X box is among the oldest names in regards to servicing Samsung mobiles. It supports very old Samsung devices and new/recent ones too to enable you repair, unlock, flash and perform other software-related jobs.

Z3X Box Samsung Pro Tool activation allows you to execute professional SW-software operations such as update/change, full factory reset, change phone to download style, read/write calibration data files, lead unlock/read codes, FRP remove, repair, SN, DRK, Bluetooth, etc. for virtually all Samsung phones.

Additionally, it includes Samsung Editor which can permit you to change language and other tools in many CDMA and GSM Samsung phones.

It’s a very easy-to-use, multilingual software port, a built-in firmware download manager for about 12 TB of flash files, built-in a manual for every telephone with more and image.

It is possible to check the Z3X box Samsung supported versions list, assess their official resellers, or buy from the reputable GSMSERVER website.


UMT-Ultimate Multi Tools UltimateSams

UMT is a popular and very effective tool for servicing a vast selection of GSM and CDMA mobiles. It supports LG, Samsung, Qualcomm apparatus, Intel CPU, Motorola, Allwinner, Huawei Hisilicon, Code programs, and more.

The UMT Samsung Module is a really sophisticated Samsung flashing tool that may flash single / 4 document firmware, advance flasher to flash partition with files of your own choice, choice to bypass reboot, if for example, you’re flashing habit retrieval, ENG Root choice to root supported versions with Factory Binary.

You might even perform FRP Reset without information reduction (for supported versions ), eliminate MDM Lock, remove Call Me, eliminate Android locks, make rooted Boot to root Samsung apparatus, etc.

If you would like to get your hands dirty with flashing Samsung devices such as a pro, checkout their reseller page to purchase in some other supplier of your choice.

Download all Samsung Firmware

These are merely the top flashing tools for Samsung apparatus which you can readily get from the links on the post.

If you’d like to get more information or give us suggestions about the Best Samsung Phone Flashing Dongles Box Tools, please leave a comment below this post and I will respond as soon as possible.

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